Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Roku Stick Vs Google Chromecast

Today, for watching networked content and streaming media services, tethering of a box to HDTV is not required. Various sticks have been launched in the global market to let you experience such content and Amazon Fire TV, Roku Stick and Google Chromecast are the best choices available to us.

These do not only stand out of the crowd but are inexpensive, functional and tiny too. But, which is the best you can buy. Here is the comparison: Amazon Fire TV Stick Vs Roku Stick Vs Google Chromecast.

Amazon Fire TV vs Roku Stick vs Chromecast

Roku Streaming Stick

This stick seems to be a conventional media hub, which is absolutely sufficient to let you get amazing experience for HD content. Simply plug in, turn it on, set up the Wi-Fi connection and you are free to browse. Various content providers can be organized hassle free and can be navigated through the remote.

You can flip through different services such as HBO GO, Hulu Plus and Netflix and various specialized channels too. Television shows and movies from various prevailing online services like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix and M-GO can be aggregated by Roku into its search feature. You can simply search for any and the related content will be displayed.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Express
5X more powerful HD Streaming

$29.99 - View on

Google Chromecast

This stick is absolutely different not only from Roku but also from every other stick available in the global market. It is not only a device that you can plug in to your HDTV to watch Netflix but can be best used as a tablet or Smartphone accessory too. Presently, several services like HBO GO, You Tube, Vevo, PostTV, RealPlayer Cloud, Google Play, Crackle and lots more are supported by Google Chromecast.

Amazingly, this device is not provided with a remote or on-screen menu system and is controlled by a tablet, PC or Smartphone only. It becomes more compelling when added to a computer. There are certain exciting features that can be added through Web Browser using Google Chrome extension.

Chromecast streaming device

Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is one of the most interesting media devices available, which is a combination of both Roku Stick and Google Chromecast Stick, 95% and 5% respectively. This is a bit slower and smaller version of Amazon Fire TV that can be plugged directly into your HDTV. It is available with a remote control that can be used for browsing through media effectively.

The app selection is similar to Fire TV but is not vast in contrast to the ones in Amazon App store or Google Play. Having Amazon Prime would be really beneficial that boosts up the content viewing experience.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

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