Best Unbreakable Smartphones for 2018

Let’s face it–our smartphones are with us everywhere we go. So, it’s inevitable that something unfortunate happens to it. Whether you spill on it, drop it, squash it, step on it, or even throw it–it’s really only a matter of time that our smartphones bear the brunt of our fast-paced lifestyle. Or better yet, our clumsiness. So whether we pay premium for our phones, they are bound to break or get damaged at some point. After all, no device is absolutely unbreakable, in spite of what the ads tell us. Still, you can choose the sturdiest, most rugged, and most durable–the best phones that are most likely to survive drops, breaks, and almost all kinds of accidents. Whether you’re a motivational speaker, professional presenter, teacher, student, business professional or someone who likes to live close to nature here are some of the best unbreakable smartphones for 2018.

DOOGEE S60 Triple Proofing Phone 6GB RAM
64GB ROM 5.2 inch 5580mAh Battery Android 7.0 MTK Helio P25 Octa Core up to 2.5GHz WCDMA & GSM & FDD-LTE (Silver)

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Best Unbreakable Smartphones in 2018


The ADM X2 pushes the envelope when it comes to unbreakable. An improvement from AGM X1, the X2 runs on Android Nougat and Snapdragon 635 with a 6GB RAM that runs alongside a Qualcomm processor. It boasts of a boosted battery capacity of 6000mAh and 126GB on-board storage. It also has a VOC (volatile organic compound) detector.

The 5.5-inch LED display dominates the front, with premium rubber as its lead material for the ultimate in ruggedness. Underneath, however, is nothing flimsy. It has a titanium alloy frame to ensure that all the goods inside are well protected.

This powerhouse is remarkably light and portable, with a weight of 210g. Overall, from its look to its feel and functions, the AGM X2 feels more like a premium phone than a ruggedized handset.


AGM A8 Unlocked Android 7.0
IP68 Waterproof Smartphone 4G LTE OTG NFC 5.0 Inch Quad Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 1280720 Pixel Dual Camera 13 MP Dual SIM 4050mAh WIFI GPS Sim-Free Mobile Phone (US version)

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Doogee S60

A cheaper alternative to the premium ruggedized smartphones, the Doogee S60 still packs a powerful punch that can’t be underestimated.

With Gorilla Glass 5 overlaying the 5.2-inch display, you can be sure that your phone keeps doing its job even through some, if not most, of the harshest conditions and incidents. It offers Helio P25 CPU and dual SIM with dual standby. It has 6GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storage.

The Doogee S60 also caters well to its intended audience–those who lead the rugged lifestyle. This is because the unbreakable smartphone offers sensors and tools, such as a gyroscope, barometer, sound level meter, coulomb meter, and bubble level. Overall, not a bad choice for those seeking that balance between price and purpose.

Doogee S60 Smartphone

Ulefone Armor 2

Far cheaper than the abovementioned models, the Ulefone Armor 2 offers plenty of features for those looking for rugged smartphones that truly deliver.

While it’s the smallest at 5-inch screen size, it still proves itself a decent contender with a Helio P25 octacore CPU, 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. It has a fairly long battery life at 4700mAh. It also has a decent rear camera of 16MP and front camera of 13MP. One downside to this however, is the fact that it doesn’t come with an audio connector. Other than that, the phone is pretty much a contender.

This said, this smartphone stands at par with other premium non-ruggedized phones and can hold its own among others in its category.

Ulefone Armor 2 Unreakable phone

Ulefone ARMOR 2 Rugged Tough 4G Smartphone
5.0 inches Android 7.0 IP68 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof 6GB RAM 64GB ROM 16MP & 13MP Cameras NFC OTG Cell Phone (Black)

$319.99 - View on

We hope you liked our list of the best unbreakable smartphones for 2018. If you want to add to this list, leave a comment below and tell us about your thoughts on the best unbrekable phone that you know of.

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