How To Get Amazon Price Alert When Price Drops For A Product

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with a list of products that is as infinite as people who love chocolate. This also means that it takes a while before you can filter out all the less useful stuff to find just the right product. But just because it’s the right product does not mean it’s also right for your pocket! Moreover, Amazon products have a notorious nature of getting cheap right after you buy them. So, you might want to wait a bit before making your next purchase.

If you want a product but don’t want to make a hole in your wallet or really want to wait for that mega sale before you make a purchase then here are a few awesome services which can help you get an Amazon price alert. With these websites you can create alerts for desired products so that you get a notification when price drops for a product to your specified target price.

Get Amazon sales alert


I have no idea why the developer of this website loves camels so much but it’s definitely one of the best website for getting Amazon price alerts. You can get email alerts when price for your specified product drops to your target price. Alternatively, you can setup a Twitter alter via direct or public tweet. The website also offers a price history chart which shows prices as far as a year back.

To create alerts, you can specify products via URL and even browse through the website to look for top products and popular deals. If you have a lengthy wishlist, it can be imported to create a watchlist for your unpurchased products. CamelCamelCamel also has an extension for Firefox and Chrome, as well as a bookmarklet to help you add items to your watchlist on the fly.

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CamelCamelCamel Amazon price tracker


ZingSale is an Amazon price tracking and alert tool which can help you get alerts for products when the price drops enough to match your budget. ZingSale also constantly features some hot products on sale so you can always check the website to check out daily sales for Amazon. As for your custom alerts, you will get an email when the product price drops.

When browsing through the daily sales you will notice some amazing deals where you will be able to save anything from $100 to more than $300. You can even create price alerts for items on sale to find out when they become even cheaper.

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The Tracktor

The Tracktor is another good tracking service for getting Amazon price alerts. You can create alerts by product name, ASIN or product URL. The site also lists some trending items and you can even create price alerts for used items (where applicable).

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The tractor


While the name might seem generic, this is actually a very good website for creating custom price alerts for Amazon products and to browse through some hot deals. You can also go to the ‘Tools’ menu to create a bookmarklet to quickly create price alerts via Amazon.

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Online price alert for Amazon


While PriceDaemon pretty much does what most tools of its kind offer, however, it has a dead simple interface which makes it quite useful. If you are looking for a price alert website that has a simple interface and can help you set Amazon price alerts for new and used products then PriceDaemon is just what you need.

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