Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Step by Step

If you have been an ardent devotee of PowerPoint, for it has eased the creation of last minute presentations for you; or you shared a compatibility with it right from the first time you ever made a presentation, then this affection will be augmented further with the new version of PowerPoint 2013.

There are new additions and enhancement of the old features too. You will find more options to add style and variations to your demonstration, while there are no big surprises as many users were expecting.

Here is an overview of the new attributes in this new edition of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Step By Step written by Joan Lambert and Joyce Cox:


The new design is more well-defined and organized. All that you require is easily accessible, it is less confusing. The ‘metro labeling’ concept in this version has proved to be beneficial.

Like it is every time, there are new templates, themes and fonts. The other variation is that you get to change and edit the templates more intricately. You can alter the shade of the templates, without the design getting affected.

Moreover, it has been based on the concept of responsive web design; hence this opens comfortable on your Smartphones and other portable devices.

Cloud Integration

By making use of the cloud integration technique, Microsoft has been able to increase the user-interface. You can access your presentation from anywhere and also make real-time changes in it. So now you do not have depend on your hardware devices and keep storing backups of your presentation at different locations.

Device Friendly

No matter where you are creating a presentation is actually a game of fingertips now. Your touchscreen smart devices will let you view, share and exhibit your PowerPoint Presentation to anyone anywhere. Just upload it and access it whenever you require.

Video Uploading

Finally the benefit of embedding a video in the presentation has been formulated in the software. No need of additionally showing the videos, it is now seamlessly a part of the demonstration.

With its new variations, PowerPoint has once again made an entry in to the competition, where there are other software already trying to impress buyers. This is an old player and has already gained the confidence of its users since years now.

Although not much has been changed but the application is still close to the heart of users who find it the most reliable companion, in terms of ease of usage and applying effective concepts.

So start trying out the new transformations for an amazing presentation!

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