SnowPlow Event Analytics Platform For Cohort Analysis & Lean Startup

SnowPlow is an open source event analytics platform for collecting and warehousing your data for detailed analysis to boost your sales and to engage your customers more effectively. Companies use SnowPlow to collect event data using various platforms, such as mobile apps, websites and service side systems. SnowPlow collects the respective data which can be uploaded for detailed analysis. You can use SnowPlow for cohort analysis for finding new ways to engage your clients and to reduce waste of resources.

Data Warehousing for Cohort Analysis and Lean Startup

In a previous post we covered some of the best cohort analysis tools. But before you can perform such an analysis, you need to ensure proper warehousing of your big data. SnowPlow can be effectively used for cohort analysis using your warehoused event data for Learn Startup. This is because knowing what your customers wants and what can make you deliver a quick and efficient service can help you boost revenue, which is pretty much the core idea of Lean Startup methodology for new business ventures.

SnowPlow Analytics data warehousing platform

Data Analysis using Your Warehoused Data

You can use Snowplow to deliver data to your own data warehouse using platforms like HDFS, Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL. Needless to say, once your data has been warehoused, you can use a number of tools such as Looker and Tableau to perform detailed data analysis. Another very good option for analyzing your warehoused data is Adobe Analytics, which allows users to perform a cohort analysis by drilling down many layers of data to find out what makes your customers tick.

SnowPlow consists of five sub-systems, namely; Trackers for integrating your apps, Collectors for obtaining data from Trackers for Storage on Amazon S3, the Enrichment process transforms the raw form of data to subsets, which are suitable for performing a cohort analysis. These subsets include data by geography, IP address, etc.

SnowPlow can be used for loading your data to platforms like Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL for use with a variety of tools; using the aforementioned can help you even use apps as simple as Excel to extract information in a logical sequence for detailed ‘Analytics’.

Data collection using SnowPlow

As SnowPlow Analytics provides elaborate event-level data right to your very own (data) warehouse, you can join your data with CRM, CMS, email marketing, and merchandise data for a more detailed drill down analysis.

The warehoused data can be used for not only forecasting your customer lifetime value but also for using attribution models, for performing in-depth merchandise analytics, identifying the supply and demand side of your market segment and for analyzing customer behavior.

SnowPlow Analytics

SnowPlow has a free version with limited support, as well as a package with managed services for your own pipeline and data warehouse with the option to attain sophisticated analytics. The managed service comprises of a Batch package and Real-Time package which can cater for more sophisticated needs of your business.

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