Sample Mail Merge Letter For Word

Today, mail takes on a whole new level as technology grows. From dozens to hundreds, we are now able to send up to thousands of letters all over the globe for corporate or marketing use. One such technology is mail merge, which makes mass mailing so much easier using pre-addressed and personalized letters.

Sample mail merge letter

If you are looking for a mail merge letter that is more convenient, then you can use this Sample Mail Merge Letter for Word. This Word template is free and can be used for all kinds of letters for your company or organization.

Versatile and Professional Design

This Sample Mail Merge Letter for Word is versatile and designed to be used along with different kinds of letterheads so you can easily incorporate it into your company letterhead. It can also go well with your email to create professional mass mail for all your recipients.

The mail merge letter template features great formatting that suits your company, whatever industry you may belong in. You can also easily insert your logo and change the style and color scheme to match your brand identity.

Change template colors

Create Letters in a Flash

The letter itself contains placeholders where you can add your own information. There are already pre-formatted letter parts such as inside address, salutation, and greeting. The body of the letter, meanwhile, contains guides and tips to help you compose your own letters concisely, as well as to organize your ideas to make you express your thoughts and ideas most effectively.

To change the overall appearance of the letter, the template also provides tips. Just go to the Theme menu on the Design tab on the Ribbon. You can also go to the Quick Styles to choose font styles and combinations that you prefer, or you can also create a style to make your letter fully customized.

Pick date

The best part is, this template can be uploaded to your OneDrive account so you can easily access it and create mass mail and mail merge letters to anyone, anywhere you are. This also allows you to conveniently work with a team and have them all take a look at the mail merge letter together, for easy collaboration.

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