Animated Uphill Road PowerPoint Template

Animated Uphill Road PowerPoint Template is a slide deck for depicting your uphill tasks and timelines in the form of beautiful animated presentations. The slides depict a road with editable signs that you can use for making project roadmaps, timelines and presentations about topics such as business, success, career, difficult tasks, project planning and the like.

Sunny Weather Animations

The template has two slide versions. The first version depicts a sunny road with sign posts, whereas the same slides are depicted with stormy weather in the second animated sequence within this template. You can start your presentation by using the title slide which depicts an animation of a hill with half sunny and half stormy weather.

Animated uphill road PowerPoint template

The five slides after the title slide depict a sunny road with sign posts. These slides have been designed in such a way that you can use them for making timelines, project roadmaps, as well as adjust them for totally different, off beat topics.

Sunny road animated slide for PowerPoint

At the end of slide 6, the end of the first slide sequence is reached. The slides from slide seven onwards depict rainy and stormy weather.

End of road

Stormy Weather Animations

The stormy weather slide sequence presents the same slides with a stormy weather, instead of a bright sunny hill layout. This gives the presenter the ability to compare both the bright side and the troubling side of a presentation topic. For example, if you are a business professional, you can depict the opportunities and risk in a project by using the sunny days and stormy weather slides.

Stomy weather animated slide

There are also slide specifically designed for making timelines. These timeline slides (like other slides in this template) come with both sunny weather and stormy weather slide backgrounds.

You can use them for not only forecasting but also presenting the historical information tied to a project. This may include the positive and negative aspects of a project. For instance, there might have been supply side shocks leading to cost overruns. You can trace the precise point in time which lead to such a setback and reflect it in the form of a timeline using the stormy weather animated slides in this template.

Animated timeline slide with storm animation

You can grab this animated slide deck for Keynote and PowerPoint from the Presenter Media website.

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