Free Business Brainstorming PowerPoint Template

There are some topics for which a PowerPoint template is difficult to find and brainstorming sessions fit the bill. Free Business Brainstorming PowerPoint Template gives a minimalist layout which does something that very few PowerPoint templates do; it provides a step by step blueprint to help you conduct brainstorming sessions.

Minimalist Template Design

The template isn’t designed with extravagant graphics and has a minimalist green and white background. The whitespace is quite prominent, with black and dark green text. There is enough space to insert images, graphs, charts and company branding, as well as your own custom diagrams and infographics. The template provides a simple slide deck for conducting brainstorming and creativity sessions to generate ideas and discuss various aspects tied to a venture.

Free business brainstorming PowerPoint template

Sample Sequence for Conducting Brainstorming Sessions

A part from the opening slide, the other sample slides include; an Agenda slide, Overview, Brainstorming Objectives, Rules, Brainstorming Activity, Summaries and Next Steps. You can use this sequence to conduct your brainstorming sessions or add/remove slides as needed.

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Brainstorming agenda slide

Change Default Template Colors

You can also change the template colors in case you find the green a bit too dull. This in fact is one of the downsides of the template, as the layout does seem a bit weak to generate an impact. However, since the template is to be used among colleagues or friends that is unlikely to be a big problem. Nonetheless, you can opt for customizing slide colors.

Change business brainstorming template colors

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