Pressed Leaves PowerPoint Template

The look of pressed leaves always conveys earthiness and simple artistry. It also shows a connection with nature as one creates something more out of things commonly found in nature. So if you are in need of a presentation that channels the simplicity, beauty, and elegance of nature, then this next template will be your best bet.

The Pressed Leaves PowerPoint Template is the perfect go-to template for anything that involves nature. It can be used for many kinds of presentations because of its general-purpose and easily customizable design.


Create Compelling Slides Over a Soft Background

Whether you need to create a scrapbook, a mood board, a photo album, business proposal, report, or wedding presentation, this Pressed Leaves template can do the job. It allows you to express yourself and your connection to nature with its realistic pressed leaves design over a worn parchment paper background.

The color scheme is made of earth-toned colors, such as the cream, beige and tan background that creates a worn-out, rugged look as the darker green to brown leaves serve as accents. Meanwhile, the text is in orange, blue, and green. You can of course change the color scheme to suit your own branding strategy or company colors.


Customize the Template to Highlight Your Brand

To customize your template, you can change the color scheme by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon. You can also change the visuals such as the tables, charts, SmartArts, and graphs to match.

You can start creating your own short presentation using the five sample templates that come with the template when you open it. You can add more by clicking on New Slide and choosing many other preset slide layouts that allow you to present your information in many different ways. You can even make comparisons or captioned images. There is also a blank slide that gives you the freedom to create your own layout.


To get started, you can insert or delete slides, duplicate them and rearrange them to create your very own presentation that is logically ordered, organized, and presented in a way that is beautiful and compelling.

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