Certificate For Training Completion Template For PowerPoint

A well-trained workforce is an asset to any company. This is why many companies invest in furthering the knowledge of their employees, sending in experts and specialists, or sending their staff to trainings and conferences. Now, if you are a company conducting in-house trainings for your staff, whether it is for technical, safety, or other work-related matter, then you would need to provide a certificate that shows proof of training taken and completed by every employee.


The Certificate of Training Completion Template for PowerPoint is an ideal template that you can use to award employees who are completionists of whatever training you conduct. This template features a general-purpose yet professional design that can make any employee proud and happy to receive such a certificate.

This certificate template for PowerPoint has an image of a hot air balloon, which can be exchanged with your own images, such as your company logo or even a shot of your office and employees. Furthermore, the orange and cream theme can also be exchanged with your own color scheme, something which best fits your company’s brand identity.


Meanwhile, you can also insert the needed information in the template, such as Company Name, Employee Name, Class Name, Presenter Name and Title, and Date. You can change the employee name portion many times depending on how many employees and the trainings you undergo. This template’s design makes it easy to be used and reused many times.


This template is printer-friendly. It is set in a standard letter-sized piece of paper, so you can just edit the placeholders and hit “Print” just like that. You can print as many certificates as you like, or even print ready-made certificates that you can just write on. You have full control of how you want your certificates to be.

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