Earth Tone PowerPoint Template

A PowerPoint presentation can come in many colors and designs. Some convey activity, celebration, vibrancy, speed, confidence, and many other things. However, if you’re looking for a presentation that would provide a sense of warmth and relaxing simplicity. The colors green, orange, and tan are some nature-inspired earth colors that you can incorporate into your presentation to achieve that inviting look you want to convey to your audience.

The Earth Tone PowerPoint Template is a simple yet elegantly designed template that consists of these earth tones set in a parchment paper texture to give your presentation a unique look. This template is suitable for many purposes such as art, design, interior decoration, publishing, literature, and so many more.

Elegant and Inviting Earth Tone Presentation

Earth Tone Template With Stylish Layouts

This PowerPoint Presentation Template contains 11 slides that start with a cover slide with a title layout. This simple slide allows you to write your presentation title and subtitle. This slide can also be used as a transition slide within the presentation, to jump to another subtopic.

The succeeding slides contain various layouts that will help you present your data in many ways, while still retaining the earth tone theme throughout. The slide layouts allow you to include tables, graphs, charts and diagrams, as well as lists and photos, on your presentation. All you have to do is insert your own data to make your presentation highly visual and equally informative.

Multiple Layout Options to Display Your Data

Easily Customizable Powerful Sample Slides

These earth tone templates are fully customizable to suit and complement your own presentation, whether you will tackle topics such as design, arts and crafts, interior decoration, even education and business. So whether you are creating a business plan for an antique store or a marketing strategy for your design firm, you can use this template.

Complementing SmartArt and Other Objects

Each of the slides come with tips and guides that can help you as you create your presentation.

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