Picture Background Template With Textured Caption For PowerPoint

When you are making a presentation, you sometimes need to have something that would immediately draw the eye of your audience. While you can always use flashy colors and animations, there are also other ways that you can liven up your slides. One good example is by creating slides with a picture background.

Picture Background with Textured Caption for PowerPoint.pptx - PowerPoint

To help you create a wow factor for your slides, this Picture Background Template with Textured Caption for PowerPoint can be quite handy. This template is great for title slides, transitions, quotes, ending or concluding slides, or for any content you may need.

This template features a professionally designed slide with equally professionally taken image of the woods. To match this, there’s a slightly transparent shape overlay in tan, with beautiful design that match the picture background. There is also white text that stands out against the shape overlay and the picture background, making the slide great for presenting quotes, statements, or captions.

New slide with caption

With your own image, you can change the slide template’s picture background to suit your presentation needs. This can be great for presentations when you need to present your products, or for tourism presentations. You can also use this for personal presentations, such as for events like weddings, birthdays, vacations, and many more.

If you don’t want to use a picture background, you can still use different themes from the Design tab on the Ribbon. Here, there are many background and theme designs that you can use for all your presentation needs, depending on your brand strategy, preferred color scheme, or theme. Each time you use this template, you can change the theme or background image so your presentation will always look new and fresh without much hassle.

Picture Background with Textured Caption for PowerPoint.pptx - PowerPoint_1

You can also upload this slide template to your OneDrive account so you can always access and use it whenever you need it, even if you are not on your desk. This is because you store in on the cloud, making it easily accessible even using your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

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