Background Themes

Picture Background Template With Textured Caption For PowerPoint

When you are making a presentation, you sometimes need to have something that would immediately draw the eye of your audience. While you can always use flashy colors and animations, there are also other ways that you can liven up your slides. One good example is by creating slides with a picture background.

Damask PowerPoint Template

Rich Blue and Velvety Damask PowerPoint Template

The damask pattern is currently oftentimes used in home decor and interior design. It typically features a reversible abstract pattern that is woven into fabric. Damask patterns are present in artwork, textiles, clothing, wallpapers, woven fabrics, and many more. These patterns are associated with a rich history, as well as with rich fabrics, high end luxury, …

Free PowerPoint Backgrounds Set

Presentations have always been the more preferred way of conveying a rather long message to a group of people. Presentations are used for discussing ideas, reports, brainstorming sessions, seminars, forecasts, etc. However, for most creating beautiful, professional and interesting PowerPoint presentations can be time-consuming.

Change Color for Text and Background in the PowerPoint Design Theme

Sometimes it is convenient to adapt or change the template color scheme for PowerPoint presentation. In order to change the color scheme for your PowerPoint template we can follow the instructions below. In the Slide Master menu you can change the global color scheme to be used among your presentation. Find the Colors menu and …