Pencil Toolkit For Educational PowerPoint Presentations

Last updated on October 4th, 2023

In previous posts we have reviewed a number of animated educational presentation templates for PowerPoint, including the Educated Presenter PowerPoint Template. We also brought you a list of the Best Educational PowerPoint Templates. This time we will provide you with an overview of the Pencil Toolkit, which is an animated PowerPoint template for making educational presentations.

Pencil Toolkit Template for PowerPoint

This template offers infographic like slide designs, which can be quite helpful n not only creating educational presentations for class lectures or school projects but also to create your own infographics. Whether you are a student or a teacher, this template can help you visualize your ideas with the help of images that resonate with topics relevant to education and learning.

Pencil Toolkit For PowerPoint

Infographic and Timeline Slides for Education

The sample slides in this template can be easily used for making infographics and timelines. You can also create other types of sequential slides with these sample slide designs an even populate your bar chart data, to display your stats using pencil shaped images. As these editable slides are animated, your added text will be displayed with the animations rendered within each slide.

Infographic And Timeline Slides

Animated Checklist Slides

Another interesting part of this template are the checklist slides. You can simply fill out the given textboxes to create checklist slides, where each checkbox (with your added text given below the checkbox) will be checked one by one, as you proceed with your slides. For example, as you hit the Right Arrow key while running your presentation in Slide Show mode, each checkbox will be ticked at each keystroke.

Checklist Slides for PowerPoint

Elegant Picture Slides

The Pencil Toolkit also offers some very elegant picture slides which can help you present your opinion using just a single image and some text. You can not only use the given pencil imagery for the picture slide but even replace it with a custom image to suit your needs.

Single Picture Educational Slide

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