8+ Best Educational PowerPoint Templates

Last updated on October 19th, 2023

Classroom lectures are no longer delivered just on blackboards. Many institutes are now using a combination of projectors and blackboards, along with PowerPoint presentations that are displayed to the class by the teacher. While such presentation slides may be made using generic templates or blank PPT backgrounds, however, an appropriate template to complement the discussion topic can make the presentation more interesting. Whether you are a teacher or a student looking for Educational PowerPoint Templates or ready made PowerPoint presentations for teachers, you may find the following templates of great help.

1. Learning PowerPoint Template with School Text

This Free PowerPoint background design is meant for young students to help them learn with the aid of PowerPoint. The image on the introductory slide shows the word School written in blocks. You can use this template to create multiple slides related to a basic topic (e.g. English Alphabet) to help children learn basic concepts.

Learning PowerPoint Template

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2. Kids Learning PowerPoint Template

The Kids Learning PowerPoint Template provides a PowerPoint background suitable for kindergarten or primary students. The template has a nice green background with an image of color pencils. This serves as a nice lively template for presenting educational presentations and even children’s stories.

Kids Learning PowerPoint Template with pencil around the I am learning text

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3. Colored Pencils PowerPoint Template

This is another free template for making presentations for students of school going age. The colored pencils serve as a lively introductory slide to set the right mood for students to expect learning in new and interesting ways. For example, you can use this template when you are about to start a drawing session in class and show different images in the following slides that you students may be tasked to draw.

Colored Pencils PowerPoint Template with white background

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4. Education School PowerPoint Template

Suitable for students of all age, the free Education School PowerPoint Template can be ideally used for students belonging to kindergarten, primary school or even high school, college or beyond. This generic template can help teachers deliver their daily lectures with a formal background to aid their topic, be it Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Arts or any other subject.

Free Education School PowerPoint Template

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5. Adult Education PowerPoint Template

The free Adult Education template for PowerPoint is meant for a more mature audience. Whether you’re a student or teacher, you can use this template to present your topic with the help of an elegant PowerPoint background showing books; which can be symbolic for knowledge, history, wisdom, politics, etc.

Educational Template For PowerPoint

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6. History Education PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this template is meant for history students, where the teacher can mix images of historical monuments with text to present a comprehensive lecture.

History Education PowerPoint Template

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7. Animated Sci-Fi PowerPoint Template

This is an animated template which can be used for making children’s storyboards or other types of fun presentations in PowerPoint, with the help of alien themed slides.

Useful Items For Presentations

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8. Educated Presenter PowerPoint Template

This is a fully loaded Animated PowerPoint Template which comes with clipart, animations and PowerPoint backgrounds suitable for making interactive presentations. To find out more about this template, see the link given below.

Editable Clipart Items

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For more Educational PowerPoint Templates on diverse topic, see the link given below.

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