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History or Heritage Month PowerPoint Template


History must always be remembered in order to serve as a guide for the future. History also has many lessons to teach the present time so that people can lead better lives and make wiser decisions. This is why remembering history is also important for everyone. The same goes for commemorating one’s heritage, as it …

Greek Heritage Month PowerPoint Template


Remembering the past and guiding the future. This is what is important about commemorating your heritage, whatever country or race you may come from. For Greeks all over the world, June is a special month for their Greek heritage as they celebrate their culture and traditions. The Greek Heritage Month PowerPoint Template is a beautiful template that many …

Create Web & Mobile Ready Video Tutorials in PowerPoint With iSpring Pro

There are a number of plugins and application suites which can help you make video presentations and tutorials and publish them online using PowerPoint. Some famous tools in the list include; Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline and Adobe Presenter. iSpring provides a number of video authoring products such as iSpring Pro and the more feature rich …

Children Playing Educational Template For PowerPoint Online

Use Various Layout Options to Display Various Content

Nothing spells fun for children than watching colorful cartoons and illustrations. So if you are a teacher, it is a good idea to create presentations with images that these little children really do like. Although children have very short attention spans, you have a better chance of catching their attention with the PowerPoint Online template …

SlideModel Offers Free Bundle For PowerPoint Presentations

Many presenters are perhaps unaware of the difference that a premium presentation template can make in refining their presentation and making it stand out before an audience. While one might be fine with using Free PowerPoint Templates for fulfilling basic presentation needs, the use of Premium PowerPoint Templates can not only enhance the look of …

Create Online Lessons With Videos, Apps And Quizzes With Office Mix

Making tutorials for educational purposes isn’t all that cheap, especially if you are not looking to make a profit out of your videos and require them for your students. A relatively easy, if not cheap method for making tutorials with voice over, cam input and PowerPoint slides has been the Camtasia Studio add-in. However, Microsoft …

Create Presentations About Your Country With State History Template

Create a Beautiful and Informative Presentation

An educational presentation needs to be visual and appealing to students, especially young ones. They need to immediately create an impact and grab their attention so they will be more attentive with your whole presentation. An effective educational presentation should also have images and other visual data. A slide full of only text can be …

Fall Fun PowerPoint Template

Beautiful Fall-Themed Template

Presentations are a great and interesting way of conveying information such as subject lessons in classrooms. Instead of the usual chalkboard discussions, you can spruce up your classroom using PowerPoint presentations that will not only keep students attentive but also help them learn.

Classic Book Template For PowerPoint

Classic Book-Themed Template

Anyone involved in the publishing industry or in the literary world would also need to create arresting and attractive presentations. Whether to promote a book, create a brief, summarize a novel, present a plot or for any other reason, presentations need to look elegant, professional, and well-written.

Pencil Toolkit For Educational PowerPoint Presentations

In previous posts we have reviewed a number of animated educational presentation templates for PowerPoint, including the Educated Presenter PowerPoint Template. We also brought you a list of the Best Educational PowerPoint Templates. This time we will provide you with an overview of the Pencil Toolkit, which is an animated PowerPoint template for making educational …