Party Event Flyer Template For Word

Organizing an event that you know would be a hit? Then tell everyone about it with this Party Event Flyer Template for Word. This flyer template is perfect for all kinds of events, from concerts to fundraisers to simple get-togethers.


This Party Event Flyer Template for Word features a one-page layout where everything you need to know is presented clearly. It has big bold letters on the top part of the page, where you can type in your event title. And on the bottom are all the event details clearly laid out as well. The details include event subtitle or description, event date, event time, venue name, and address.

Create Flyers in Seconds

What is best about this template is that it has an image that dominates the whole flyer in the sense that you and your potential guests or audience can easily have an idea about what your flyer is all about. By changing the sample image with your own, you can easily catch the attention of people so that they would stop and really pay attention to your flyer.


This event flyer template is also printer friendly so you can just change the details on the text placeholders and create flyers in minutes. Because this template is generic, you can use and reuse it plenty of times for various events. It can be used for concerts, parties, holiday celebrations, work events, even birthdays.

Convenient Word Online Flyer

This template is in Word Online, which is why you also have the option of sending this flyer digitally, such as sharing it through social media or emailing it to your contacts.

Furthermore, you can also work on the flyer together with your colleagues or with your fellow event organizers. As a Word Online Template, you can remotely work on the flyer and see almost in real time as the flyer is being edited.


You have the option of doing all of this on your browser, using any mobile device or computer. You can also save it on your own device and edit it offline from there.

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