Recipe With Shopping List Template For Word

If you’re an avid foodie, cooking newbie, or simply want to try on a new recipe for a special dinner, you can’t stress enough the importance of having every ingredient, kitchen gadget, and equipment prepared before you start cooking. There’s nothing worse than mixing most of your ingredients for that pound cake only to forget about the eggs.


To help ensure that you have everything you need to prepare that recipe you’ve been dying to try, here’s the Recipe with Shopping List Template for Word. This handy recipe template is the perfect companion for all your adventures in the kitchen. Whether you are compiling beloved family recipes or venturing out into new ones, you can be sure that you won’t forget any ingredient.

Clear Layout for All Your Recipes

This recipe template in Word Online features a clean layout with clear texts that allows you to tell apart the ingredients to the procedures. It also allows you to easily list the items you need to make the recipe as well as the chronological procedure to correctly make the dish. This is even perfect for creating your very own cookbook.


Additionally, the template has detailed information when it comes to the Yield, or total number of servings, Prep Time, Total Time, and Special Diet Information. The diet information is very helpful if you will be cooking for anyone who has any health problem or allergy.

Meanwhile, the Shopping List portion comes with every recipe. It is conveniently placed on the top-right part of every recipe so that you can easily see it as you browse through your recipes.

Handy Recipes You Can Access Anywhere

And because this recipe with shopping list template is in Word Online, you can easily share your recipes with your family, friends, and even your whole social network. There are convenient sharing tools that come with the template. It also makes it easy for you to collaborate with any recipe you may have, like if you are working on tweaking your grandmother’s casserole with your sisters and aunts.


You can also easily access the template using any tablet or smartphone, or even your laptop and computer. This is perfect so you can update your recipe and shopping list anywhere you are, from your kitchen to the grocery store.

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