Free Community Event Planner Template For Excel

One of the many ways you can reach awareness to a cause, raise funds, hold get-togethers, create healthy debate on certain relevant topics, or just come to a consensus, is to hold a town meeting or a community event. A Community Event is a large-scale happening that is usually done regularly. It usually holds more than a 100 guests and with this, much planning is needed. The Free Community Event Planner Template for Excel is a great tool to help you plan and host a successful and memorable community event for your venue, charity or organization.


Track Community Events

With the Free Community Event Planner Template for Excel, you can easily keep track of community events for your neighborhood, venue or organization. You can easily be on top of the social ladder with this template. You will never miss a beat with what is happening within your community and social circle.


The Free Community Event Planner Template for Excel gives you a clear design to seamlessly view your community events within a table. You can also have these events incorporated within a calendar pre-formatted within the Excel Template.

It contains tabs for Events, Calendar and, if you want to post it on a bulletin board or even give it out as flyers, you can opt to view the Print Version. You can also embed these to a PowerPoint presentation to show to your neighbors or to members of your organization. The Calendar cell with a corresponding arrow is clickable so you can seamlessly switch to another tab.


Automatic And Easy

With this professionally designed Free Community Event Planner Template for Excel, keeping track of and updating events is a breeze. The Community Events are automatically added and updated to the Calendar tab.

The Calendar provides a clear and organized view of your community events, as it features every month of the year so you don’t have to toggle through so many calendars when organizing your events.

This Free Community Event Planner Template for Excel can also be used for organizing your personal schedule, for office meetings, doctor appointments with clients, and with many other things. This versatile template may also be used by receptionists or personally assistants.

This template works well with Excel 2013 and can be downloaded from

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