Free Event Schedule Tracker Template For Word 2013

Big or small, events can tend to be nerve-wracking and everything must go smoothly. Careful planning is always a must. Each step must be thoughtfully and thoroughly mapped out to ensure a good flow and so that things go as planned. 

Conveniently Record and View Your Plan

The Free Event Schedule Tracker Template for Word 2013 lets you plan and keep track of the activities leading to your event. This free Word 2013 template is professionally designed with Microsoft-approved Macros to give you great convenience when it comes to planning and tracking your event tasks and activities.

Color-Coded Tasks for Optimum Efficiency

Preparing for an event like Weddings, Birthdays, Company Parties, Christmas Parties, even Outings or Vacations can be stressful enough. The Free Event Schedule Tracker Template eases you off the burden of adequate planning so you can concentrate on the activities themselves.

Contains Calendars for Easy Viewing

With this Event Schedule Template, you can color code your project phases so you will easily spot in your calendar what phase that day falls into. The template has a preset array of phases that you can still add to in order to suit your event’s unique needs. You can also write the starting and ending dates for each phase. These are then reflected on the built-in calendar. This way, you can easily see how long each phase would take and where one phase ends and the other one begins. To select new event dates again, you can click on the Calendar tab on the ribbon.

Microsoft-Approved Macros

This Free Event Schedule Tracker Template for Word 2013 is professionally designed to give you utmost organization of your event plans. The Word template even comes with Microsoft-approved Macros to enable you to modify dates, including selecting 6 or 12 months to display, depending on your need or preference.

Write the Start Date of Your Event Plan

You can also customize the colors for the phases just by clicking on the Design tab and choosing from among the wide array of colors in the gallery.

An added perk is that this template is best viewed with its landscape orientation, making it ideal to embed or include in a PowerPoint presentation. So whether you are a professional event planner, or you just want to impress your family with your event organizing, this template is a great tool for you.

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