Oomfo: Make awesome 2D and 3D charts for presentations

Oomfo is a free  tool that lets you design awesome 2D and 3D charts for presentations in PowerPoint. With Oomfo you can create nice charts for PowerPoint presentations and training material.

Their slogan states the following, Add awesome to your presentation. Now seems to be updated as “Smart Charts for Smart presenters… and for FREE”.

Why be ordinary when you can be awesome? Microsoft PowerPoint has always offered its own charts and graphs. But then, there was only so much you could do with them. The need of the hour? To add some real oomph — oomfo

Some of the chart types that you can create for PowerPoint using Oomfo includes 2D & 3D column chart, 2D & 3D  bar chart, 2D & 3D doughnut chart, 2D & 3D pareto charts, 2D & 3D funnel charts, multi series charts, draggable line chart, zoom line with scrolling and pinning support, radar chart for PowerPoint, Inverse area chart, Marimekko chart.

You can also create other variants of chart types including combination charts for single Y combination chart, scroll charts, 3D + line charts and more.

There are many features that makes Oomfo a great tool for professional presenters, but also for presentation designers who need to make stunning charts in PowerPoint for their presentations. For some reason, it was featured in many blog posts as one of the four free tools for presenters. Here are a few features that we can highlight from this tool:

  • Captivate and impress your audience with stunning visuals instead of boring data.
  • Make your data dance with beautifully animated charts and graphs.
  • Empower yourself with advanced styling and intelligent data formatting options great for business intelligence or advanced users.
  • The tool is very easy to use and intuitive, a couple of clicks is all you will need to insert a chart into your presentation.
  • With slicing, rotation and easy 2D/3D conversion you can design interactive charts.
  • You can customize every aspect of the chart and make it look exactly the way you want.
  • With oomfo charts standard it costs nothing to be awesome, it is free.

Learn more and download Oomfo for free from the official Oomfo website: http://oomfo.com/