How to Open PPS Files on Android

In Android smartphones and tablets we can open PowerPoint presentation files including .ppt, pptx or even .pps or ppsx files to run our presentations. This task is very common by people who need to prepare a presentation and has some free minutes to check the presentation content in Android but also to be used by an audience who received the presentation slideshow before a meeting or a presentation.

How to open PPS in Android

In order to open PPS in Android we have many alternatives. First, we can download and install PowerPoint Viewer for Android, it is a free application available in Google Play that lets us open PowerPoint files in Android and play the presentation slideshow.

Office Suite Viewer is another free application that we can download and install to see our presentations.

Office Suite

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If we still need another solution or alternative to open PPS or PPT in Android we can use other free PowerPoint viewer for Android or you can learn more about other PowerPoint viewers for Android ready to be used for free. Update 2015: As for today, you can check the official Microsoft PowerPoint for Android app that is perfect if you want to open your PowerPoint presentations in Android devices.