Microsoft PowerPoint an Effective Way to Teach

Classroom learning has become hi-tech these days as several advance equipments like computers, projectors, etc are being used in educational institutes.  And due to this change in teaching ways learning has become quite easy and interesting.

Most powerful and effective tool for teaching these days is PowerPoint presentation. Regardless of age, every student can be taught by this way. No matter the educational institute is middle school, high school or college, every where this teaching method has been adopted.

Furthermore, PowerPoint is gaining popularity in commercial and educational world due to its simplicity and versatility. Its exciting features like ability to insert media, audio-visuals, animations and so on helps students to retain whatever is being taught to them. It not only helps them to learn but  also increase the quality of education because the time that would have been utilized in using white board can be utilized in focusing on class. Thus, it is also considered as time saver tool.

Apart from these there are several more advantages like less room for mistakes, accurate notes can be provided to students. On the whole it is very useful and effective tool for teaching.


On contrary, if not used properly it can cause problems also. Actually, these problems will not be due to PowerPoint however these will be due to presenter lacking presentation skills.

Most common mistake made by presenter while delivering lecturer is poor presentation. Usually, people simply read slides and dictate whatever is written there this is terrible and adding a lot of  whistles or animations make it obscured. Thus it is recommended to avoid such mistakes.

To raise the education standards, several smart classes and seminars have been designed especially for teachers so that they could make utmost use of this tool and could teach effectively.

Another alternative of using PowerPoint for educational purpose is students create their own presentation by doing so they will learn how to use PowerPoint and how to make effective presentation. Besides, they will learn presentation skills and become confident for giving presentation.

In current scenario, PowerPoint is being a most powerful tool and is most frequently used software among teacher and student. It is not only enhancing the teaching standards but also the quality of education.

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