Avoid Paying For Textbooks By Getting Educational Content From Boundless

We all require researching on various subjects related to different topics. Some require data for making PowerPoint presentations for a university project or business meeting, whereas other need data to amass quantitative research. Furthermore, textbooks are also a good source for acquiring “reliable” information about various theories, national and international laws, historical events and the like. Buying textbooks (whether in paperback form or online) can cost you a fortune. This is why people look for cheap textbook alternatives online such as Wikipedia.

Boundless is a web service which was started by a Boston based educational startup. This web service provides open educational content from many useful sources. Boundless provides an infinite wealth of high quality educational content which is derived from openly licensed sources. this is why the content is available for free. Furthermore, the available content is taken from leading educators and institutions with the co-operation of Open Educational Resources (OER) community members. Hence, “Boundless” offers a free learning platform that can save people (from all walks of life), a lot of money which might be otherwise spent on buying heavily priced textbooks.

Boundless - Free Textbooks

To use Boundless you can either sign up for a new account or login using Facebook.

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Sign Up

Once logged in you are provided with several options to select a university (if any) and subjects for which you wish to acquire information.

Select Subjects

After you enter your Dashboard you are provided with many helpful video tutorials to get started with “Boundless” and the option to invite other people (e.g. classmates).


When you select a subject that is added to your list (e.g. Business), you are provided with various tabs linking to information related to the subject, starting from the most basic to advanced concepts. Simply click on a concept or topic to acquire information about it.

Research Work

To search on a topic, click the Books option from the left sidebar and enter keyword.

You can also create highlights and notes that can help you single out and save information that may be needed for various purposes such as for later reading or references for a presentation.


While boundless is completely free for now, the developer’s hope to offer a premium package in the near future.

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