Free PowerPoint Templates for Teachers

Under this category, you can find free PowerPoint templates for teachers. Download 531+ pre-designed templates for teachers and professors who need to create daily PowerPoint presentations for classroom or lectures. Our slide templates for teachers are 100% free to download and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides and Canvas presentations.

The free presentation templates for teachers under this category can also be used to prepare weekly classroom plans, prepare a final thesis, or organize the presentation for graduation. For example, you can download the Graduation PowerPoint design. Alternatively, you can download free educational presentation templates.

Another good PowerPoint under this category is Teacher PowerPoint which was specially created for teachers who need to impress their students with funny but professional PowerPoint templates for educators. Here are some extra ideas for how educators can use these free PowerPoint templates for teachers:

  1. Lesson Plans & Overviews: Teachers can use the free presentation slides and PPT templates to create a clear and engaging presentation outlining the day’s or week’s lesson. This can include objectives, key vocabulary, essential questions, and other key points.
  2. Interactive Quizzes: Teachers can use the free slides to create multiple choice, true/false, or short answer quizzes. Engage students by allowing them to come to the board and select their answer. This way, teachers can create interactive presentations with ease.
  3. Student Presentations: Provide students with a PPT template to use for their own presentations. This helps ensure consistency and provides them with a clear framework to start from.
  4. Storytelling & Narratives: Use the presentation slides to tell a story, especially for subjects like history or literature. Combine visuals with key points or quotes to create a compelling narrative. Learn from the storytelling presentation tips to structure your presentation like a story.
  5. Visual Aids: Illustrate complex concepts using diagrams, charts, and infographics. This is particularly useful for subjects such as science and math where teachers can use our free presentation templates to prepare their class.
  6. Digital Flashcards: Teachers can use the free PPT templates to create flashcards for vocabulary, formulas, historical dates, etc. Students can review them in class or access them at home if the presentation is shared. For example, using the tabbed-menu template for PowerPoint & Google Slides, teachers can create a presentation with tabs and menu.
  7. Field Trip Recaps: After a class outing, compile pictures and key learnings into a presentation. This reinforces the educational purpose of the trip and allows students to reflect on their experience.
  8. Guest Speaker Introductions: If a guest speaker is visiting, use one of our free PPT template to introduce them with a brief biography, what they’ll be discussing, and perhaps some pre-discussion questions. Learn more about self-introduction PPT templates or how to introduce a team in a presentation.
  9. Classroom Rules & Expectations: At the beginning of the year, teachers can present classroom rules and expectations in an engaging manner. You can revisit this presentation whenever necessary. For this purpose, teachers can use the classroom rules PowerPoint template.
  10. Review & Summary Sessions: Before exams or end of a unit, compile a summary of key points and concepts for review. This is an engaging way for students to recap and ask questions. For this purpose, teachers can use the review and summary sessions PowerPoint templates.
  11. Homework Assignments: Teachers can clearly present homework tasks, deadlines, and requirements with the help of a homework PowerPoint template. This ensures everyone knows what’s expected.
  12. Classroom Games: Teachers can use free interactive game PPT templates to design educational games like Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, these can be fun ways to review or introduce new material, also to engage the students.
  13. Timeline Presentations: For subjects like history, teachers can create visual timelines of events, showing their progression and interconnections.
  14. Group Projects Overview: Clearly outline expectations, deadlines, and grading criteria for group projects, ensuring that all students have a clear understanding.
  15. Inspirational Quotes & Messages: Teachers can start or end the class with an inspirational quote or message, fostering a positive classroom environment.

These are just some creative ideas on how tachers can use the presentation templates in this section, to produce high-quality content for classroom.