Zebra on Wheel’s Add-in Review

Zebra on Wheel’s Add-in is an intuitive addon for PowerPoint, Which is compatible with PowerPoint 2007 or older and Windows XP or older versions of Operating system.

Zebra on Wheel’s Add-In is an absolutely free Add-on for all the users of Microsoft Office. It extends the features of PowerPoint 2007 far beyond the default, enabling it to inherit some of the features of PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Lets look at at, what Zebra on Wheel’s has to offer us.

PowerPoint Addon

Features of Zebra on Wheel’s

Fix Title:

This feature allows the user to change the title of the current slide to the template’s default position.

Template Bullets:

This feature will apply bullets to all the templates, in desired slides.

Select by Property :

This feature makes user enable to select objects using the same color, font and other properties.

Copy property :

This feature copy right, width, position, etc from one object to another.

Graph data:

This feature is for graphs only. It will extract data from broken graphs.

Cell colors :

Copy or paste the cell colors.

Hex Color:

Use web style hex colors.

Merge text:

It will merge the text content from different objects.


Open the containing folder though Windows Explorer.

Graph Data:

Graph Data is an innovative. It extracts all the data from a graph and makes it available to use them in a table. All you can see in your graph is directly extracted with this feature. This feature is available for all the broken graphs from which which, you wish to get information from.

Merge Text:

You might have used two text boxes within a slide while using PowerPoint  Now, you, at some point of time, probably wanted to position them and edit them at a moment but you couldn’t with the existing features. This unique features comes to the review. It will allows user to let merge two text boxes into one.

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