Kids Pitch to Their Parents Using PowerPoint

Kids are smarter and more ingenious nowadays. After all, they have access to information and the latest technologies right at their fingertips. If, before, kids can only ask their parents in person, or write them notes at most, these days kids are different.

Kids Take on PowerPoint to Pitch to Parents

Today, kids grow up around gadgets and an ever-changing lineup of technological advances. So, it’s no wonder that personal relationships will always have that element of technology in its wake. After all, many kids these days have their own social media and email accounts, as well as their own set of gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and what-have-you.

Slide of a House prepared by a Kid Pitching his parents

Source: New York Times

It is also through technology that people maintain relationships as we communicate through emails as keep each other posted through social media. So, when kids want something, for their birthday or for Christmas, it comes as no surprise that they would also capitalize on digital products–this time on PowerPoint presentations.

Computers are part of the education system, so a typical grade-schooler would know how to use PowerPoint or Google Slides, among many other applications. In fact, many kids use PowerPoint to ask for things from their parents, like in the article from theĀ New York Times. After all, if they can use slideshows for their projects and make a convincing case to their teachers about any given topic, why not do the same to convince their parents to do something for them?

Making Convincing Cases for their Requests Using Slides

Schools routinely ask students to create and present slideshows for a range of academic topics. These presentations are also frequently used in non-academic activities, such as their extra-curricular programs. Kids know the power of PowerPoint and how slides can best be used to convey an idea, emphasize a point, or just get things done.

And they’re right. What better tool to show comparisons, pros and cons, trends, and so many other convincing reasons for parents to buy them that next Lego set or LOL toy, right?

The fact that many kids nowadays use Microsoft Office programs just make it easy for them to express themselves through PowerPoint slides. And these have proven effective, as seen by parents who are either surprised by their kids’ choice of medium, overwhelmed by their kids’ efforts, or simply convinced by the slides.

Med, from Columbus, Ohio, wrote this:

I love this! These kids are learning how to make a logical argument, to counter objections, and to stand their ground in a grown-up way. My parents are probably glad there was no Powerpoint during my teen years.

PowerPoint as Tool of Choice by Children and Adults Alike

PowerPoint has successfully proven its mettle on this matter by the way kids use the slides to ask theirĀ parents for something. It shows just how user-friendly PowerPoint’s interface is, and how persuasive slideshows can be. The example below shows a slide created by a kid who wanted a puppy and tried to convince his parents through a PowerPoint presentation.

Kids Pitch to Their Parents Using PowerPoint - Example of Puppy slide

Source: New York Times

For kids who use PowerPoint presentations to convince or manage their parents, they find that creating presentations allow them to convey their message to their parents without being interrupted by a simple “no.” They can also formalize the setting, with the parents sitting right in front of the slideshow, listening, as they get more time to present their case.

Parents can see the amount of effort their children put into creating a convincing presentation, and would not hesitate to agree. And even if their parents don’t, the slides show parents just how passionate their child is over one thing–and so maybe even reconsider their decision later on.

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