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If you’re always working with PDF, then you would know that it has pain points and work would be so much easier if you have the right tools. While there are many tools available all over the internet, you’ll find that you have spent a considerable amount of time hunting down the exact one that you need, before another requirement pops up and you need to look for another tool again. Good thing there’s I Love PDF, which conveniently offers all the PDF tools you need–in one place to merge, split, compress, unlock, watermark, and convert PDF to PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Manage and Modify PDF Easily

Enjoy Working with PDF with I Love PDF

I Love PDF is a rich resource for everything PDF. This can save you a lot of time going through sites and tutorials just to find the tool that you need to get a particular task done. With the I Love PDF portal, you’ll find it easier to work with PDFs–and even discover ways you can work better.

And because all the resources from this portal are free, you’ll enjoy it even more. You can find different tools to help you accomplish different tasks, such as merging, splitting, compressing, and converting PDF files. The portal also offers tools for adding page numbers, adding watermarks, etc.

With everything you need to work with PDF all in one place; you don’t have to go to different sites or sift through different features and apps to find that one thing that you need. Everything PDF is in the portal and you can just choose what you need and you’re good to go. Furthermore, there’s no need to subscribe to anything, or even pay for a service, or even download an app. I Love PDF makes working with PDFs easy, simple, seamless, and painless.

Convert PDFs to Various Formats Without Compromising Quality

Free PDF Tools for Painless and Seamless Work

I Love PDF also designed the portal and its features to make it easy for beginner and expert users alike to use any of the tools. Anywhere you are in the world, I Love PDF can be your companion. This is because I Love PDF is available and supported in several languages. All you have to do is to go to the upper right corner in the Menu and choose Languages. Here, you can choose French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, English, and many more.

As for quality, you don’t have to worry about your PDF degrading as you use tools. You can be sure that I Love PDF retains the best possible quality for your PDF, especially since it understands that every PDF document is important. It ensures that your data or information remains intact as you convert or compress.

Add PDF Page Numbers Easily

Keeping Your Data Private

As for privacy and security, the portal assures all its users that the files are only accessed by the user. The portal will not store any file or personal information. Furthermore, any download link will be deleted after a specific period of time.

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