7+ PowerPoint Animation Maker Templates & Tools

Last updated on October 31st, 2023

Animations add a whole new perspective to PowerPoint presentations. Presentations with animations are not only more attention grabbing but can help convey the user’s perspective with great ease. Previously, we showed you how to make your own animated clipart. Similarly, we have also covered hundreds of Animated PowerPoint Templates which can help you create stunning presentations in no time. However, if you are looking for an easy to use PowerPoint Animation Maker, we have some suggested tools and resources which you can use for making your PowerPoint slide decks extra special.

1. Presenter Media’s PowerPoint Animation Maker Templates

Presenter Media is a famous website which offers a countless supply of animated templates, Gifs and best of all, custom animation templates. The latter are templates which you can customize by adding your own text and images (e.g. company logo) before downloading them as PowerPoint files. Below are a few suggested custom animation templates from Presenter Media. You can also directly search and download PowerPoint animation maker templates.

Custom animation template for PowerPoint

2. Cloud Fly Through Custom Animation Maker PowerPoint Template

This is one of many custom animation templates by Presenter Media. These templates are not your average PowerPoint animation slide decks since they are proper video animations with high-quality content that is guaranteed to impress your audience. You can customize the colors of the animations, as well as add custom text.

Customize animation for PowerPoint

The below image shows the final version of the custom animation template which we customized at the developer’s website (as shown above) and downloaded it as a PPTX file.

Go to Presenter Media – Cloud Fly Through Custom Animation Maker PowerPoint Template

Custom animation with your own text

3. Magic Fortune Ball Custom Animation PowerPoint Template

This magic fortune ball themed PowerPoint template can be downloaded with your own text and logo by editing the basic settings from the developer’s website. Making changes to the original template is easy, just head over to the Customize Your Message tab and add your desired text, logo, shapes, etc. You can also customize the fonts and font colors. If you don’t have a real logo to use yet, you can use a 2D logo maker tool or even a professional 3D logo maker to create one.

Add custom logo and text

You can download this template with your custom message and logo from the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Magic Fortune Ball Custom Animation PowerPoint Template

Magic fortune ball video with custom text

4. Fairy Tale Book Custom Animation Template for PowerPoint

This is another awesome template by Presenter Media which provides some spectacular animations. You can customize this template with your own text and images which will appear with the fairy tale book animation, which depicts a book of magical tales opening up.

Customize background of fairy tale animation

You can download this animated fairy tale themed animation with your custom content and other templates at Presenter Media. Also see these download and customization instructions.

Go to Presenter Media – Fairy Tale Book Custom Animation Template for PowerPoint

Fairy tale book animation

5. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencat-O-Matic is a screen capture tool which supports saving your recorded screencasts in various video formats and even as a GIF animation. This means you can create video tutorials and capture video clips to create GIF animations for your PowerPoint presentations.

If you are new to GIF animations, see our post about How to add a GIF animation to PowerPoint. The free version of this tool enables saving videos to formats like MP4 and FLV. However, you will require a PRO account to saves files in GIF format.

Go to Screencast-O-Matic Screencast Tool

Screencast-O-Matic GIF maker

6. GIFCam

If you would rather edit an existing video to create a GIF animation for your PowerPoint presentations instead of making a screencast, then you can use GIFCam. This is a free editing tool which can be used for converting videos into short GIF animations with custom text.

Go to GIFCam

GIFCam animation maker for PowerPoint

7. Go Animate

This web service makes it possible to use a simple wizard for making animations online within a few simple steps. You can use this service for making animations and save them offline for use with PowerPoint. The Team edition of this service also supports GIF for saving your animated clips. While this is a paid service, you can try it out for free on a trial basis.

Go to Go Animate Animation Maker Web App

Go Animate web app

In case you would like to download more custom animation templates for PowerPoint, head over to the Presenter Media website.

Go to Presenter Media – Custom PowerPoint Animation Maker Templates

If you enjoyed this list of animation makers for presentations, you can also check out the AI presentation maker list with a comprehensive list of presentation makers.

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