How To Pan Your PowerPoint Slides Like A Camera

Panning a camera is a reference to a rotation of the image resulting in an effect similar to moving your head from one side to another. Panning is often used in filmmaking and by professional cameramen. Interestingly, PowerPoint provides a transition effect that allows you to switch your slides as if you have panned a camera.

The Pan Transition Effect (available from the Transitions tab in PowerPoint) can be used to pan your slides while switching between them. Furthermore, you can also use the various other options within this section to customize the sound and duration of your slides.

Pan Transition Effect

The Pan Effect can be applied in all four directions, including the Right, Left, Top or Bottom of the screen. This way, you can switch between slides in style, while also grabbing the attention of your audience. In fact, this is perhaps one of the best PowerPoint transitions for creating optical illusions when switching between slides. This leaves a lot of scope for making eye-catching presentations and to keep your audience engaged in a presentation by revealing an optical illusion each time you switch your slide.

Applying The Camera Pan Effect in PowerPoint

Video Demonstration For Applying The Pan Transition Effect

To see a video demonstration for using the Pan effect in PowerPoint, see our video tutorial given below.

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