Create CAD Models For 3D Printers With Tinkercad

3D printers are no longer a futuristic concept as you can now print 3D models using 3D printers like the Cubify Cube 3D Printer. However, you might be interested in creating custom shapes for printing content, instead of using the default printing models. This is where Tinkercad can be quite helpful. Tinkercad is a CAD modeling web app which enables you to create printable 3D models right from within your browser. Once your models are complete you can send them to a 3D printer to print out your designs for making toys, jewelry, paper weights, etc. Furthermore, you may also find Tinkercad handy for making 3D objects for presentations.

Tinkercad 3D Modeling CAD Web App

Getting Started With Tinkercad

Using Tinkercad is dead simple. Just sign up for a free account and you can begin making your models using four easy steps; namely, place, adjust, combine and model. Before you begin making your designs you can also check out the given tutorials to learn the basics of using this web app. To create a new model, click Create new design.

Create New Design in Tinkercad

Drag and Drop Shapes to Create 3D Models

The menu on the right provides all the necessary tools for making your 3D models with the help of Geometric Shapes, make new shapes using the New Shape Generator option, fetch designs available from community members an even import 2D or 3D shapes via file or URL. To start making your model, just drag and drop shapes to the Workingplane.

Drag and Drop Shapes to Create 3D Models

You can move the Workingplane with your mouse, as well as zoom in or out via the Zoom menu button on the top left corner or by using your mouse wheel. You can drag to adjust the size of each shape, as well as adjust the color for it.

Tinkercad Workpane

You can Save your designs for later modification and to keep a copy in your online account, as well as create a duplicate for the model, download the model for 3D printing or Minercraft, order a 3D print and upload the model to Thingiverse. The supported formats for saving your designs includes STL, OBJ, X3D, VRMl and SVG.

Save and Share 3D Models

Additionally, you can edit the properties of the model to keep it Private or to make it Public for conveniently sharing it online. The Properties option also provides you with the choice to select a license type that you may deem most appropriate.

Share 3D Model Online

Tinkercad Introductory Video

For an overview about how to use Tinkercad, see the developer’s video tutorial given below.

Tinkercad has a starting price of $19 per month, however, you can try out Tinkercad on a trial basis to test drive the service.

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