How To Cut Business Costs By Using ShoreTel VoIP Solutions

The need for VoIP solutions to upgrade conventional telephony systems can cost a fortune. Not to mention the use of free applications like Skype and TeamViewer can be highly unreliable when doing business on a professional scale, such as for call centers. In such a case you can’t simply afford even minor voice quality degradation and the alternative can be quite costly, with a need to maintain your own hardware and backup system. If you are looking for a solution for the aforementioned dilemma then you might be better off using a service like ShoreTel.

Scalable VoIP Solutions For Small And Large Organizations

ShoreTel is a U.S. based VoIP service provider which caters for businesses as small as 10 users to the ones who may have to cater for as many as 20,000 users. ShoreTel provides everything from IP phones to desktop and mobile applications for instant messaging, visual collaboration, voice mail servers, etc.


Why Use ShoreTel?

ShoreTel is ideal for businesses which may require heavily relying on VoIP such as call centers, as well as businesses who may wish to make use of Voice Over IP to reduce phone bills. ShoreTel delivers unified communications, with contact center capabilities. Organizations can use ShoreTel to acquire the flexibility of acquiring on-demand VoIP services, without the need for hiring their own team of telephony experts, as all is taken care of site by the ShoreTel team.

IP Phone Systems

Whether you are looking to replace your conventional phone system, want to reduce phone bills, require an upgrade for your communications system or need to acquire a better communication and collaboration system, ShoreTel can be a good solution for your business. The below diagram shows how ShoreTel facilitates and connects various devices.

How ShoreTel IP Phone Systems Works

Turn Your Mobile Device into A Desk Phone With ShoreTel Dock

ShoreTel Dock is one of many products that can help you upgrade your old system to acquire the flexibility of using a mobile device as a desk phone and even as a replacement for your conventional desktop computer. ShoreTel Dock is ideal for companies that support the BOYD initiative, as organizations can combine traditional phone capabilities with modern devices. The ShoreTel Dock provides a ShoreTel Mobility Client, a speakerphone, handset and keypad for mobile devices.

ShoreTel Dock For iPhone and iPad

User Applications, Cloud Communication, System Management Solutions And More

Of course, ShoreTel Dock is one of many solutions provided by ShoreTel and a more comprehensive overview of ShoreTel solutions can be seen from the video given below. The products and services offered by ShoreTel range from IP Phones, Docks, end-user applications, APIs for the creation of new applications to suit your business needs and more.


All About ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform

How ShoreTel Mobility Works?

Below is an overview of ShoreTel Mobility and how it can help your business to acquire a mobile solution for your employees. For details about all ShoreTel solutions, see the link at the end of this post.

ShoreTel is based in California and also has regional offices in USA, UK, Australia and Singapore.

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