Animated Technology Gradient PowerPoint Template

If you’re a tech company looking to create a pitch deck, you might be looking for visuals that can stand out, while keeping your presentation cohesive and easy to grasp. Animated Technology Gradient PowerPoint Template makes use of technology theme infographics and pitch deck slides to help you design presentations for your clients.

Create Technology Pitch Decks

Like any pitch deck, you get slides for introducing your topic, organization, and discussing the salient features associated with your presentation topic. You can use the following slides for making custom diagrams, infographics, add charts, images, text, and SmartArt to further customize the slides.

Animated technology gradient PowerPoint template

Editable Slides with Animations

You can edit the technology-themed slides by adding and removing content by replacing the placeholders or editing the various editable objects. There are also instructions for adjusting the animated slides. The animations pre-defined with the sample slides allow the added content to load as you present.

Editable slides with a technology theme

The template contains 20 slides, with one title slide, 18 content slides, and an icons slide with sample icons for use in your slides. There are a number of editable infographics and chart slides that can help you present information in an easy to grasp slide layout.

Technology pitch deck

Change Theme and Slide Layouts

If you’re not too fond of a dark theme, you can also change the theme of the template to match your company’s branding or to make it lighter. For slides with images, you can right-click to change the picture in the placeholders via Change Picture option. Similarly, you can drag and drop or remove or move the given elements within slides to customize them.

Change colors of technology pitch deck slides

The customization options due to the editable nature of slide elements are immense. Entire slides are made up of various objects and overlays to ensure that the presenter is able to make the most out of sample slides.

Technology infographics

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