How To Create Team Wikis For Projects in Word

Having a wiki for collaborating in a project is a must for many companies nowadays. Wikis provide a centralized repository of knowledge that everyone in your team can utilize in various aspects and phases of your project. Having this form of resource on an online or web-based platform can keep every member of your team on the same page while making collaborating more effective, even if members of the team are far apart or are in different locations.

In this article, we will show you how you can Create Team Wikis for projects in Word, which are beautiful, professional, cohesive, and highly useful for every team in any project.

Create Wikis in MS Word

Make Business Collaborations Even More Collaborative

When it comes to business, many embark on ventures or projects essential for the business to grow or expand. At times, these projects are a necessary part of a business’ day to day operations. In any case, projects entails people of various skill sets to come together to accomplish project goals.

Pre-Formatted Business Wiki Template for Colloborative Projects

To help centralize knowledge and pass on best practices among peers within a team, you can use the Business Team Wiki Template for Word Online, which is a web-based template that you can edit right from your browser. Being web-based, this allows you to easily share your very own company’s personalized wiki among your team members so you are all on the same foot. This also makes it easy for anyone to update the information on the wiki conveniently.

This template features a pre-formatted page where you can type your Title, which could be the name of the project or the knowledge base. Aside from this, the features of this Word Online Template also allows you to save your personalized wiki to your own computer.

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Create General Purpose Wikis and Share Knowledge

If you work with a team for a school project, a college research, a company endeavor or an organizational cause, you would need this Team Wiki Template for Word Online. This web -based template can easily be accessed through any browser using any mobile device or computer.

Professionally Designed Template for Many Purposes

This template is great for teams working on any project to create centralized source of information as well as regularly keep this information updated and relevant to their project. This template is specially designed for wikis and is pre-formatted to create a unified design and style.

This Word Online wiki template is perfect for schools, businesses, or organizations.

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