SlideWiki is A Wikipedia Like Website For Sharing Educational Slides

Wikipedia is widely used as an open encyclopedia where anyone can contribute to add information regarding any topic in the world. Now imagine a similar website that presents information in the form of MS PowerPoint like slides. SlideWiki is a web service which provides the option to create and share educational content in the form of online presentations. At SlideWiki anyone can create an education presentation in the form of slide decks and share it online. You can also keep presentations private and create elaborate slides with the help of images, text and code.


Create, Edit And Share Educational Slides

As SlideWiki depends on users, therefore, users are the key to creating content. There are many publicly shared slides that one can benefit from. You can even edit out existing shared slides by other users to create entirely new slide decks. This might save you a lot of time for preparing an online presentation, which you may present online via a browser, using SlideWiki.

Create, Edit And Share Educational Slides

Re-Use Existing Slides

You can import existing courses available at SlideWiki and use HTML and LaTeX to build your own slides, presentations and entire decks. To create or re-use presentations, you will require logging in with a Facebook or a SlideWiki account. SlideWiki also supports versioning, which can help users to revise and re-mix content more conveniently.

Re-Use Existing Slides

Create Courses With Semi-Automatic Translation in More Than 50 Languages

SlideWiki supports various readymade themes that can be used for creating presentations online. You can add a title, content, code and format your text using the simple options given within the slide editor. Moreover, you can also create your own presentation themes and create semi-automatic translation of your courses in more than five dozen languages.

Create Courses With Semi-Automatic Translation

Remotely Control Presentations

You can synchronize the display for your presentations on several devices, and switch slides in such a way that various devices viewing the presentation will see what the presenter wants them to see. After a presentation is played, a QR code and short link is provided, which you can share with other users. Users who open your given link will see the presentation being played by you and any change in slide will be immediately reflected on their browsers. This method can be used to remotely control presentations and also makes it possible to conveniently use SlideWiki as a presentation platform instead of PowerPoint or Keynote.

Remotely Control Presentations

Perhaps the only thing lacking in SlideWiki presentations is the style and ease of use that is offered by services like SlideOnline. Other than that it is a good service for creating, re-using and presenting educational presentations via a browser.

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