Free Abstract Grid PowerPoint Templates

Abstract grids represent technology, order, design and pattern. It represents the symmetry of a well-designed architecture, building, or software, among many others. If you belong in any of these fields, you know how important it is to create presentations that match your industry, while showing a breathtaking design that gives justice to your own content. 

If you are in the market for grid designs for your PowerPoint Presentations, you can find many Free Abstract Grid PowerPoint Templates below, which are elegant and sophisticated enough for many types of presentation purposes.

Free Grid PowerPoint Templates

Earth Toned Elegance

The Earth Tone Grid PowerPoint Online Template is a versatile template that you can access through your browser using your computer or any mobile device. This template features a Terra Cotta and dark brown background with thick, solid white borders.

This template is elegant yet standard enough to have a general purpose, making it ideal for use in the home, organization, office, store, or school. This template has clean lines and big bold font styles to definitely make your content stand out against the solid colors of the background.

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Earth Tone Grid PowerPoint Template

Abstract Black Grid

Nothing conveys sophistication than black and silver. If you are in the corporate world looking for understated elegance and confidence to reflect your presentation, you can use this Abstract Black Grid PowerPoint Template. This simple widescreen format template has a black and silver theme background. The silver accent resembles metal and is perfect for industrial or corporate themed presentations.

This classic template has two sample slides that can help you get started with your cover page and inside slides. If you want more options with the layout, simply click on New Slide and choose from the many layout options to complete your presentation. This template also suits personal and school presentation topics because of its highly versatile design.

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Streamlined Black and Silver PowerPoint Template

Brown is Beautiful

Another classic looking template echoes the striking contrast of wood and metal in this brown and silver template. This Classic Brown Grid Template for PowerPoint features a small grid system on a brown background with a silver accent. It is simple enough to make your content stand out while still creating an interesting and sophisticated look.

This template is a general use template that you can utilize for your personal presentations, as well as in business, school, or even in non-profit or community organizations.

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Classic Contrast of Wood and Metal in Brown Grid Template

The Future is Green

For a combination of swirls and grids, you can use this Futuristic Green Grid PowerPoint Template to discuss innovations, technology, software, programs, apps and devices. This template is a contrast of straight lines and green gradient swirls that create the overall look of the dynamism of technology and the future of innovations.

This template also contains beautiful grids over an abstract green background. Despite its highly detailed theme, your content will still standout due to the semi-transparent white overlay of the inside slides. Like the other templates mentioned above, you can complete your own presentation with various layout options by adding new slides and choosing the layouts that will best display your content.

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Intricate Grid and Swirls Design for Futuristic Effect

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