How To Create Team Wikis For Projects in Word

Professionally Designed Template for Many Purposes

Having a wiki for collaborating in a project is a must for many companies nowadays. Wikis provide a centralized repository of knowledge that everyone in your team can utilize in various aspects and phases of your project. Having this form of resource on an online or web-based platform can keep every member of your team …

SlideWiki is A Wikipedia Like Website For Sharing Educational Slides

Wikipedia is widely used as an open encyclopedia where anyone can contribute to add information regarding any topic in the world. Now imagine a similar website that presents information in the form of MS PowerPoint like slides. SlideWiki is a web service which provides the option to create and share educational content in the form …

Backlog: Manage Team Projects Using Milestones, Charts And Wikis

Backlog is a comprehensive project management tool that provides the utility to create charts, milestones and wikis for online collaboration. This web service has been developed by the Cacoo team and the integration of Cacoo like charts for project management have also been added to Backlog.