Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Web Based Presentations on 2013

2013 will be the year of the big data, cloud computing, and many other top trending technologies, however we can’t dismiss that millions of presentations are held every new year around the world and not only PowerPoint is the tool that presenters use to make presentations. With the progress on cloud computing, mobile and HTML5 consolidating as the new HTML standard (beyond Adobe Flash), we can still look for new and modern ways to present beyond PowerPoint presentations. Here are a few PowerPoint ideas and alternatives to PowerPoint and even Prezi, that can help you to make presentations during 2013.

1. Reveal – The easiest way to present online in your browser

Reveal is a good PowerPoint presentation alternative for web based slide shows that you can create using HTML code. There are some nice editors available for Reveal like that you can use to make awesome slideshows online without writing any line of HTML code. You can create beautiful presentations online with Reveal and

You can customize Reveal to use any of the existing templates as well as animated transitions.

You can create as many slides as you want and then publish it online and share it. Also you can export the slides and embed it on any existing web page.

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2. CoderDeck

The best way to teach the web is with the web. Create interactive live-coding presentations.

Learn more about CoderDeck here

3. Deck.js – Build modern HTML5 presentations

Build modern HTML5 presentations for the web and mobile devices with rich animations and transitions, using Deck.js. This is a powerful JS library that you can use to make presentations online.

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4. Impress.js – Free Zooming Alternative for web-based Slideshows

Impress.js is a free alternative to Prezi for web based presentations and HTML presentation framework. You can use Impress.js to make web presentations with nice animations and transitions using the power of CSS3 animations and transitions. Impress.js also has some editors available that allow you to design presentations without any line of code. For example, Impressionist is one of these editors available. Using Impress you can make 2D and 3D HTML5 slideshows for the browser.

A big advantage for programmers and developers using these solutions instead of Prezi or PowerPoint is that you can always hack the code and access the source files. This gives you a way to extend its functionality. In PowerPoint VBA you can also extend the functionality but it doesn’t let you access the source code. There are many other interesting alternatives to PowerPoint, and JS based web slide shows, for example you can use Turn.js to make online magazines with flip book effect in HTML5. CSSS is another example of slideshow for the web, as well as S6, Slippy, Slidy2, Slidifier, TiddlySlidy, and many others.

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