Hotel Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

When making presentations about tourism, travel, and hotels, you might want to use some hotel themed illustrations to add some life to your slides. In a previous post we brought you a list of some very attractive vacation clipart, this time we have some hotel clipart you might find handy for your PowerPoint presentations.


1. Bellhop Holding Lots of Luggage Clipart

One of the most common sights at a hotel is a bellhop carrying luggage. In fact, it might be the first thing you see at the time of checking in at a hotel. This high-quality clipart shows a bellhop carrying a lot of luggage. You can download this image with a clear or white background in a defined resolution, as well as make subtle customizations using the given customization options on the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Bellhop Holding Lots of Luggage Clipart


2. Bell Hop in Eyehole with Holding Service

This clipart depicts a bellhop holding a platter. The illustration have been designed in a way that it gives the illusion of someone viewing via a peephole.

Go to Presenter Media – Bell Hop in Eyehole with Holding Service


3. Hotel Room Clipart

This is a very generic clipart image of a hotel room. You can download it with a transparent background to merge the image with your presentation background or simply download it with a white background for use in your slides. Needless to say, you can add text-boxes alongside this clipart for designing slides according to your specific presentation topic.

Go to Presenter Media – Hotel Room Clipart


4. Hotel Resort Clipart

This hotel clipart shows a hotel resort building. This clipart can be perfect for travel and tourism related presentations. You can also take a look at our previously reviewed Real Estate PowerPoint Templates for more building clipart and backgrounds.

Go to Presenter Media – Hotel Resort Clipart


5. Call Bell Bellhop Jump Animated Clipart

This is an animated clipart which depicts a bellhop jumping into view as the bell is ringed. This witty animation can be downloaded as a GIF or MOV file in a white or transparent background.

Go to Presenter Media – Call Bell Bellhop Jump Animated Clipart


You can download more hotel clipart and other tourism themed templates, animations and images via the Presenter Media link below.

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