Animated Cargo Truck PowerPoint Template

Cargo truck illustrations can help add some visual aid for presentation topics related to transport, freight and trade. This is because a cargo truck is symbolic of the aforementioned. What’s even better than a static illustration is an animated video background, which can be more powerful in making your point. The Animated Cargo Truck PowerPoint Template gives a customizable video background where you can add custom text.

Animated Cargo Truck PowerPoint Template with Custom Text

You can add your own text via the download page of this template. You can also add your own logo, as well as customize the look of the text using the given options.

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Once customization is complete, you can download the cargo truck template as a PowerPoint file or in one of the available video formats.


The image below shows the customized version of the animation running in PowerPoint. This is just a sample version of the file that we created for demonstrative purposes. The customization features on the developer’s website can help you create even more elaborate versions of the animation.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Cargo Truck PowerPoint Template


Dump Truck Clipart

You can also use this 3D dump truck clipart for PowerPoint to create slides with some visual appeal. This is a high-resolution clipart which can be downloaded in different sizes and easily incorporated in slides with a white or transparent background.

Go to Presenter Media – Dump Truck Clipart


Semi Truck Clipart

This semi truck clipart can be another good clipart image for use in presentation slides about transport and trade. This orthographic clipart can also be customized using options from the download page to change the default look of the truck image.

Go to Presenter Media – Semi Truck Clipart


You can download more truck, freight and transport themed PowerPoint templates, clipart and images from the links below.

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