Best Vacation Clipart For PowerPoint

For some people surviving a yearlong hectic work routine has only one motivation, vacations. Vacations are something we all look forward to and some organizations might even offer attractive vacation packages to top employees. If you are looking for the best vacation clipart for PowerPoint, we have a collection of customizable clipart which will surely make your presentations standout.

Best vacation clipart for PowerPoint

Airplane 3D Clipart

This 3D clipart depicts an airplane flying out of a photo. This static clipart can be downloaded in your desired custom resolution as a PNG or JPG image. The clipart is high-quality and doesn’t easily pixelate when stretched, which makes it perfect for professional presentations and slide shows.

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Airplane clipart

Three Books Vacation Clipart with Custom Text

Three books at table amidst a beautiful beach scene should be enough to download this clipart. But that’s not all! You can also add custom text to the books to reflect your presentation topic. The download page for this clipart gives an option for renaming the three books with your custom text. Or did you think Wizard & Bunnies is an actual book?

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Vacation clipart with custom text

Around The Bend Custom Text Clipart

This custom message clipart can be used to create title slides or to add a custom message for your audience amidst a beautiful landscape. Al you have to do is to add your custom text and download the clipart as a PNG or JPG image in a preferred size with 3D text.

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Around the bend custom text clipart

Desert Road Sign Clipart

Vacations aren’t always beaches and fancy resorts. Some people like hitting the road to hot, desert areas for an adventure of a lifetime. This design sign clipart can be customized by adding text to both the road signs. Such a clipart can make your slides more interesting, with a realistic depiction of a signboard with your custom text.

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Desert sign clipart

Road Message Clipart

A road with a custom messaged painted on it. Clipart doesn’t get any personalized than that! This clipart can help you make title or concluding slides by adding a custom message which will appear painted on the road. You can even make multiple clipart images with different message to create a slide show.

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Road message clipart

You can download a wide range of vacation clipart via the links given below. The clipart available via the below links include both static images with custom text and generic clipart.

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