Website Development Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Website design and development proposals often require the shortlisted candidates or companies to present a presentation based on the requirements advertised by an organization. Whether you’re a freelancer developing websites or a company pitching your proposals to potential clients you might find the Flat Design Icons Website Development PowerPoint Template to be quite useful.

Create Website Design & Development Presentations

With this template you can easily create a presentation for a website design and development proposal, more specifically a flat design website proposal. The sample slides give a sample format that you can use for this purpose or you can create your own presentation based on the sample content.


Create a 5 Step Website Development Proposal

There are sample slides with a 5 step website development plan. Each of the five slides come with a heading related to the proposal, namely; Plan, Design, Develop, Test & Launch, and Support. These slides can help you lay out your entire proposal in a nutshell, to create a meaningful presentation giving all the basic information regarding your website development plan for your potential client.


Easy to Comprehend Proposal Layouts

There are a number of very handy layouts that can help you easily explain your website development proposal with some highlights that can help impress your potential client. For example, there are slides where you can add your logo, with a few important headings regarding what makes your service worth the money. The below screenshot shows one such slide, with an infographic like layout.


This website development presentation template has eight highly customizable sample slides which are enough for making a comprehensive presentation for your website development and design presentation. Needless to say, to make a lengthier presentation, you can duplicate the existing slides or add new ones.

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