Horizon PowerPoint Template

Exciting new beginnings call for immortalization. You can immortalize store openings, motivational speeches, mergers, business growth, the start of the fiscal year, new opportunities, and many other beginnings using templates that evoke positivity and also symbolize birth, dawn, or simply new things. 

Horizon PowerPoint Online template

The Horizon PowerPoint Template is a simple, subtle, yet powerful template that you can use to signal the beginning of something new for your company, school, organization or family. This PowerPoint Online template features an abstract design of a sunrise in the middle of a solid black background. The widescreen format helps emphasize the contrast of the golden light and the darkness while allowing enough space for your PowerPoint Presentation content.

Simple, Subtle Yet Powerful PowerPoint Online Template

With this template, you can start with a compelling cover slide that instantly grabs your audience’s attention and makes them curious about what to expect with the template design and of course, your presentation. The title is conveniently located on top of the horizon, in clean, bold white color. Meanwhile, the subtitle or description is located below the horizon, in gold.

Signal New Beginnings With This Horizon Template

You can add new slides and choose from a wide variety of layout options that retain the same abstract horizon theme. In these similarly black inside slides, the horizon is located at the bottom of the template, still giving your slides a unified theme. These layout options allow you to present your data in many creative, concise and highly informative ways. You can choose from text, lists, comparisons, tables, graphs, SmartArts, photos, and more.

Use Placeholders to Insert Various Types of Content

Because this template is in PowerPoint Online, you can access it anytime and anywhere using your OneDrive account. Simply open a browser in your mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone, or even your computer, and go to the Microsoft Online portal. From there you can also choose from a wide range of templates for all your business, personal or school needs. And because it is in the cloud, sharing and collaboration with your team is also easy.

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