Hardcover PowerPoint Template

There are times when a presentation calls for a formal, academic, and classic theme. However, it does not have to be boring and one-dimensional. After all, the success of a PowerPoint presentation essentially lies in how well you deliver your information to your audience. The presentation itself, although playing a supportive role, still helps make an impression so careful consideration must also be done on how it should look.

Give Your Presentation a Polished Hardcover Look

For a warm, classic, yet still captivating slideshow, you can use the Hardcover PowerPoint Template that gives your presentation a polished, hard-bound look. This free PowerPoint Online template is perfect for topics on academics, research, and most especially publishing, where the tone is subdued, formal and professional. The template is also perfect for texture, textile, leather and fashion industries, where you can update the font for a more stylish look.

This general purpose template is a PowerPoint Online template which means you can access it anytime and anywhere from the Cloud. You simply open a browser using any mobile device or computer and access the template using your OneDrive account.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Classic Design and Layouts

The template features a classic look and a brown leather texture and a subtly darker leather border. The serif font style is classic as well. It starts with a cover slide where you can type in your title and subtitle in the middle part of the slide. You can add more slides and choose from various slide layout options while still retaining the same hardcover theme, although this time, the inside slides have a lighter, paper like color and texture. This intuitively completes the look and feel of reading a book.

The various layout options allows you to present your data in various ways such as text, list, table, graphs, photos, and so many more. This way, you can be as creative with your delivery while still maintaining cohesiveness throughout your slides.

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