Free Celebration PowerPoint Templates

Last updated on August 8th, 2023

Occasions of triumph, success, overcoming obstacles, reaching a milestone, meeting a goal. All these require a celebration. And for these times worth keeping in memory and sharing with others, you would need presentations to glorify and commemorate these moments. Thus, we will show you some beautiful celebration PowerPoint templates that you can download for free and which you can use for such times. 

Have a Reason to Celebrate with These Templates

Celebrate With Fireworks PPT Template

The first template is the Celebration Fireworks PowerPoint Template that you can see below. This contains an image of assorted, festive fireworks that are perfect for New Year and Fourth of July celebrations. The background is in dark blue, making the firework and white text stand out. This template contains four slides that lets you present information through text. You can also insert charts, graphs, tables and diagrams. It can be used to make presentations on celebration or in PowerPoint Night parties.

Fireworks Template for Celebration Presentations

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Light Up Your Life or Your Presentation

Another template features a blur effect against a glowing light and a dark background. This resembles light photography, or lights as seen through water drops on a window on a raining night like over traffic, through a car window. This has a muted celebratory effect, as it also resembles glittering lights from part confetti, or even fireworks themselves. This can be used for birthday celebrations, and many other presentations.

Aside from this, the template can also be used as cover slides, transition slides, and even content slides where you can overlay text in white, or insert tables, charts, graphs, and SmartArt as well.

Blurred Lights PowerPoint Template for Celebration and Weather Presentations

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Festive Presentation for Happy Occasions

This third template is a beautifully designed PowerPoint template that has a purple-colored theme. It features an image of confetti and sparkling metallic ribbons that are set into a border on one side of each slide. The standard color makes it ideal for many types of topics or celebrations such as birthdays, company milestones, store openings, and more.

This template contains five slides that allows you to insert lists, text, graphs, charts, tables and SmartArt to your presentation. It also contains an attractive, eye-catching cover slide where you can type in the title of your presentation.

Standard Celebration-Themed Template for Many Occasions

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You can also download more Free Celebration PowerPoint Templates from the link given below.

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