Animated House for Sale PowerPoint Template

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The real estate business is highly competitive. As a real estate agent, you have to differentiate what makes you or your firm different from others out there. By marketing your business the right way and creating stellar listings, you can more effectively build your business and crush competition. Therefore, next time you create a house …

Animated City Infographic PowerPoint Template

The Animated City Infographic PowerPoint Template is a city themed template with infographic slides. There are a number of interesting animated layouts which depict buildings, vehicles and city life with placeholders to help you design slides as infographics to represent data and trends.

Animated Rent PowerPoint Template

Some topics aren’t very easy to cover in the form of PowerPoint slides and real estate is one of them. This is mainly because there is a lack of good real estate themed templates available, since it’s not a topic as common as education, finance, politics, economics, etc. This is why we brought you a …

Animated Business Strip PowerPoint Template

There is no shortage of business related PowerPoint templates, however, when it comes to very specific kind of business templates, it can be hard to find the right one. One theme among business templates that never seems to be covered by template developers is a marketplace or more specifically, a business strip.

Home Construction Budget Template For Excel


Home construction is one of the most expensive investments you have to make for yourself and your family. If you are looking to create your dream home, you have to carefully plan everything while ensuring that you stay within your budget. And this is why this next template will be perfect for you.

Animated Building A House PowerPoint Template

Presentations related to real estate, sociology, behavioral change, marketing and a lot of other subjects might require representing images related to a house. A house can represent various aspects of social life symbolically. Likewise, a house themed slide layout might also be helpful when projecting trends related to the housing market.

Animated Real Estate PowerPoint Templates

Want to sell a house, advertise your business or need to make a presentation regarding housing and real estate? The Animated Real Estate PowerPoint Templates given below can help you make presentations about housing, city life, real estate, etc.

House For Sale Flyer Template For Word

With today’s economy, putting up that “For Sale” sign on your home can be tough enough. The task becomes more difficult when there are other “For Sale” signs on the same street. To help boost your odds of successfully selling your house in an otherwise crowded marketplace, you would need to market yourself well and …

Free Simple Inventory Management Template For Excel

Create a Simple and Standard Inventory List

For every home and household, keeping track of your house’s valuable things is important, especially in the case of insurance claims. A home inventory, whether for a house you own or a space you rent, is invaluable in showing insurance companies the things you lost in cases of break-ins, fire, or some other catastrophe.

Household Budget Template Worksheet For Excel

Free Monthly Budget for Your Family

Keeping a household budget lets you keep track of your expenses while avoiding unnecessary ones. A household budget ensures that you don’t spend more than what you earn, and that you allocate enough for savings and emergencies. The Microsoft Office portal offers many budgeting templates and an addition to its collection is this family monthly …