Free Process Picture PowerPoint Template With Collage

When you’re discussing about a process, whether simple or complex, it is important to be as succinct or clear as you can in your presentation. You can do this with the help of adequate yet concise descriptions as well as helpful images to give your audience an idea of each of the steps of the process. However, this is easier said than done.


Presenting about a process in your slide would often involve charts and blocks of shapes with lines, as well as small pictures jumbled up together. This can still leave your audience with barely enough understanding of what you’re talking about. The Free Process Picture PowerPoint Template with Collage is a handy go-to template that you can use if you want to present a process in a more streamlined and easily understandable manner.

This template features a white background with square and rectangle shape overlays that each houses either text or process pictures. The larger white square has a teal background that clearly shows the process pictures. These process pictures have a minimalist line border within the images, with white text that serves as the description for each image. The light grey smaller rectangle can be used to add any optional text such as process title and general description.


This template can be used for many presentation applications, whether for school, business, organization or personal use. For example, it can be used in training materials for newly hired employees, or as process picture slide for school presentations. It can also be used by organizations as well, especially if they are dealing with the environment and other advocacy and they want to raise awareness to certain relevant processes.


This free process picture template is also versatile and can be used with many other kinds of presentation themes. The template is easy to modify and customize, so you can make it your go-to template for presenting processes.

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