Process Diagram PowerPoint Template With Photo Blocks

It is a widespread and popular belief that people remember ideas more when they are represented by pictures rather than text. This is why teachers often use images and other media to teach otherwise lengthy and complicated subject matter. PowerPoint Presentations, photos take the place of long lines of text while still conveying the same information. 

Thus, when teaching about a process, it is a better and sounder practice to use diagrams and pictures so that your audience can more easily understand and therefore remember. The Process Diagram PowerPoint Template with Photo Blocks is one good example of a presentation that uses photos to convey a message.

Present Processes Using This Template

The Process Diagram PowerPoint Template with Photo Blocks is a neatly designed template that lets you use pictures to show the step-by-step procedure of how something is done. This template works best in PowerPoint 2013 and is also compatible with older versions. This Process Diagram PowerPoint Template is professionally designed to look clean, uncluttered and professional. Just by looking at the slide itself, you and your audience can easily see the message that you want to convey, which is a process. This PowerPoint Template contains photo blocks sized just right to be clear enough even if your audience is at the farthest edge of the room.

Easily Customize for Your Own Processes

This diagram template makes use of SmartArt to create the diagram. The diagram is comprised of four images, or pictures. At the top of each picture are their titles while superseded on each of the images are square boxes where more description can be written. This template makes it easy for you to categorize your process into four steps that your audience can easily see and understand. However, if you require more than four steps, then you can easily duplicate this diagram slide template to add four more processes.  This is designed to make the process clearer to your audience and you can customize the theme and photos however you want.

Change Formatting and Theme Easily

Aside from processes, you can use this PowerPoint template for simply showcasing your photos, or for listing objects or actions, like top twenty lists or even life hacks.

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