Animated Pipeline Connection PowerPoint Template

Project management requires making timeline and roadmaps many of which are hard to present in a format which might not end up making your audience yawn. When it comes to projects in the pipeline the Animated Pipeline Connection PowerPoint Template can be a good slide deck to make presentations with timelines, roadmaps and project proposals.

Customizable Pipeline Animations

The template depicts various slides with pipeline illustrations. The slides are customizable enough to help you forge slides that reveal your desired content in conjunction with the animations.

Animated Pipeline connection PowerPoint template

Perfect for Project Management Presentations

If you are a project manager, this template is ideal for you to create anything from content slides with heavy text to infographics, timelines and custom diagrams. Just add your content to the given sample slides and preview them in Slide Show mode to determine how the animated slides mix with your added text, images, charts, etc.

Pipeline connection template for PowerPoint

The pipeline illustrations provide creative layouts which can help present your ideas with some visual aid. There are slides which offer some interesting animations, such as the animation of a valve turning on the liquid, which is shown flowing through the pipes. This animation comes with text-boxes to label the slide with details of your presentation topic or sub-topic; such as perhaps the various stages of making a project operational.

Pipeline project management template for PowerPoint

Exclusive Timeline Slides

The template also has some exclusive timeline slides, where each part of the timeline reveals a text-box upon mouse-click. You can use these slides to reveal each component of your timeline step by step. This can make it easy for your audience to grasp the complexities of your project timeline.

Project management timeline slide

Create Pipeline Infographics and Diagrams

Using the symbolic pipeline animations you can create your own diagrams and infographics to present your content in a more attention grabbing format. Various instructions for customizing your slides come within sample slides and in the form of separate slides which provide details about how you can customize the sample illustrations.

Infographic slide with pipe illustrations

To grab this awesome project management template, head over to Presenter Media.

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