Learn how to use Pictures in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or find articles on how to change the picture options while using PowerPoint, for example you can learn how to turn off picture compression by default in PowerPoint or change the picture size in your slides. Alternatively you can download free picture and vectors for PowerPoint presentations.

How To Save a PowerPoint Shape to PNG with 100% Transparent Background

Saving PowerPoint presentations to image is something that we could do if we want to use the slides as images. However, in some situations, we’d like to save a shape as an image and keep the 100% transparent background. The bad news is that saving PowerPoint to images option (in the File dialog) won’t allow …

Picture With Quotation PowerPoint Template


While some presentations are meant to inform, there are also those that are meant to inspire. So if you are a motivational speaker or just someone who wants to inspire your audience, you would need an inspiring presentation.

Free Process Picture PowerPoint Template With Collage


When you’re discussing about a process, whether simple or complex, it is important to be as succinct or clear as you can in your presentation. You can do this with the help of adequate yet concise descriptions as well as helpful images to give your audience an idea of each of the steps of the …

How to Disable Automatic Picture Compression in PowerPoint 2010

If you are working with high quality images in PowerPoint and your images are compressed automatically, you may want to turn off the automatic compression for pictures and images in PowerPoint 2010. This way you can prevent the images to being compressed. In order to prevent PowerPoint to compress images in file you need to …